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Puerto de Tazacorte

La Palma’s sky is full of a sea of stars all night. The privileged location of the island near the Ecuador allows seeing very sharp the north and much of the south hemisphere. A lot of astronomic tourist discover that the island is the best place to enjoy looking at the stars.

You will not only see the most beautiful star view in the world but also the island offers very important natural landscapes. The place named as Caldera de Taburiente is a protected volcano area and from 2002 is considered as Biosphere Reserve. The visitors can make the most of long days of hiking and active leisure seeing some of the endemic species, animals and plants.

If you are looking for beautiful beaches, there are some options in La Palma. Crystalline waters in small bays or well equipped beaches are some of the principal reasons why lots of people come to La Palma all year. The beach of Puerto de Tazacorte is one of the best and bigger beaches in La Palma.

It is spring all year In La Palma. The mid temperature is about 25ºC with not much rain. All of this with the typical agricultural lifestyle, quiet anywhere where the visitor will find the best place to have a rest and forget the daily routines.

Another important thing is the rural landscape and the micro-weather. In a small island there are thick woods and desert zones. In each view you will find the singular volcanic landscape and the different villages.

A special aspect of the rural culture is seeing in the gastronomic tradition with sugar cane and the wines. In the VXI century the first colonists started to export these goods. The wines of La Palma then started to be prestige by the nobility. Even in the texts of William Shakespeare or Walter Scott. LA Palma is the place for nature , gastronomic, sea and star lovers.

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