The best maintaining services for your boat.

Varadero y Reparaciones Navales

Varadero y Reparaciones Navales

Marina Tazacorte has a specialized service for boat repairing and maintaining services for any incident or improvement you want to do we have the best option in your hand.

Nautica Tazcorte is the company for doing this, it is specialized in whatever problem a boat would have in any condition, from Osmosis treatment to engine repairing.

With this good services we also have the best weather conditions to do maintenance. Tazacorte is the place with more sun hours in Europe and the Canary islands and have very soft winds that’s the reason why we have the best conditions for fiber Works and to dry boats.

The port is very well protected from winds because of the mountains surrounding it. We don’t have strong's winds throughout the year. Your boat suffers less and the work will be better.

In the dry dock we have the ramp or 50.000 Kg travelift, We also have an special crane so we have a lot of agility in our installations.

If you want to know more about this service, you only have to get in contact with us by email or by the contact page.