The spring's surname is Tazacorte


It is spring all year in Puerto Tazacorte .The temperatures are very comfortable and very little rain that's the reason why some of our guests stay longer when they come to us.

The midd temperature is about 22ªC all the year because of the mountains surrounding. We have a micro weather very nice. Also in winter we don't have temperatures less than 16ªC.

In Tazacorte it usually only rains from November to March. We don't have storms or strong winds.

Not only Tazacorte has the best weather, also all the island. La Palma is a high island with many mountains and many micro weather. Like other Canary islands we have the Alisios winds and the Azores anticyclone.

The good weather conditions all the year are influenced by the African continent specially when the wind comes from Sahara region, they are also influenced by the see that's the reason we have so a good temperature.

The weather in Tazacorte is one of the best in the World, you can go to the beach in December and have wonderful temperatures in summer.