All the marine services you need in our marina

Puerto Tazacorte wants to offer you the best service, that’s the reason why we have designed the facilities you and your boat need during your stay in our marina. All that a sailor needs.

In our installations you will find a well trained team, with English attendant. As son as you arrive ask for the best pontoon for you.

During your stay you will have water and electricity services in pontoon, laundry, WC, showers and hot water from our solar panels. Puerto Tazacorte wants to be eco friendly and take care of the environment. That's the reason why we have selective waste collection and we are always cleaning for the better possible conditions.

There are cams around all the marina granting safety. If you need to refuel or make reparations you have professional quality services. At last don't forget to enjoy the restaurants and bars after going on a trip to discover the island.

If you want to know more of our services click on the icons in the map.

Servicios de la Marina