Corporative Social Responsibility

Corporative Social Responsability

We understand, our responsability to be the real engine for the change in the town of Tazacorte and in the island of La Palma. We are very grateful to be located in a wonderful place that's the reason we must help in the change to a more sustainable example in economics, ecological, social and business development.

Puerto Tazacorte makes a commitment on renewable energies and the possible electric transport. Firstly we have installed solar thermal panels and we look forward to do more green installations. We also offer to give talks to the children in order to motivate the necessary green change in our society.

In social aspects, Puerto Tazacorte helps in cultural events like expositions in the marina for free, or the events in the Tazacortes's school.

The Marina bets for the local economy offering our installations for the Mercado de Artesanía with local products, helping local people.

The social responsibility politic will continue being the engine to help us in new collaborative projects to get the objectives in the future for Tazacorte to be the nautical tourist reference it is.